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Comercial and residential complex is part of the block borderd by Banjavčićeva, Tuškanova, Vrbanićeva and Heinzelova streets. It is situated in old industrial part of Zagreb formed at the begining of 20th century. Over time this part of the city was transformed from original industrial buildings into residental area marked by three story buildings reminiscent of the city center – down town block.

Part of the block where our building is located (Banjavčićeva-Heinzelova) was defined by deteriorated mostly warehouse buildings („Tekstilpromet“ workshops and storage)

Comercial and residential complex is consisted of two levels of underground parking, ground floor and five stories. At Banjavčićeva-Heinzelova crossroad height of the building is six stories used as office space. BILLA supermarket is located in the ground floor while the rest of the building is residential. Also at Heinzelova 44, an residential interpolation is bulit.

FUNCTION: business, residential

LOCATION: Heinzelova 40, Banjavciceva 15, Zagreb

YEAR: 2007.

STATUS: built

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