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Residential building, located just below Sljeme in residential area in Zagreb is made of two displaced volumes different in function and design. Building has four floors and a basement. Situated in the west volume are dining areas, kitchens and living rooms and the east volume is comprised of bedrooms. Different color toning on the façade will further emphasize this inner organization of spaces.  West volume is planned to be in lighter tones while its open spaces (terraces and staircase) will be defined by horizontal ceramic elements which also serves as a fence and protection from the sun. East volume, adjacent to the neighboring building, will be in darker tones, further visually separating the building from its neighbor.

West volume dynamics besides open spaces with horizontal tiling is enhanced by different sized windows positioned unevenly on the façade.

Ground floor of the building is in the level of Remetski Banjščak street and because of the ground configuration is accessed by pedestrian bridge. Basement level won`t be fully underground because of the terrain angle.

Staircase is open and its boundaries are made of horizontal ceramic elements and partly walls (fire safety nad static requirements). Elevator is accessible through garages in the basement level.

FUNCTION: residential

LOCATION: Remetski Banjščak, Zagreb, Croatia

YEAR: 2016.

STATUS: in  construction

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