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Designed on an exclusive location in Zagreb, next to Petrova street. This neighbourhood is being transformed over the past few years into elite modern residential part of the extended center of the city.

The building is composed of basement, ground floor, first and second floor and a penthouse and is made of two volumes with apartments and one office space. Volumes are connected with an open recessed staircase. Shape of the building is trapezoid which is partly because of the shape of the terrain.

Ground floor is recessed from the other floors and is designed in a darker tone than the rest of the faceade to make the impression that the upper floors are floating. This dynamic is further helped with loggias positioned differently on each floor, windows that are displaced from the facede and angled dark steel columns in the ground floor.

Penthouse is designed in the east volume of the building while the terrace is on the west side. Thus, we managed to avoid uniformity in design brought on by city regulations in general urban plan (which states that top floors should be designed as recessed or as an attic).

FUNCTION: residential-bussiness

LOCATION: Donji prečac, Zagreb

YEAR: 2016.

STATUS: in construction

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