The building is located on the corner of Radnička and Hektorovićeva street in the center of Zagreb, very close to the junction with Držićeva street. This part of the city is a new business district.

The construction is a modern high quality office building with rectangular shaped ground and first floor. Second to eighth floor make up an oval tower which is split in two. The ground floor consists of the main entrance and the building is envisioned as a modern office space. An underground garage, split into three levels, will accommodate 340 secure parking  spaces. Main entrance is on the corner of Radnička street, where the entrance to garages is also located.

The building allows flexible office layout, permitting a choice of cubicles, suspended ceiling, movable partition walls, open-plan cells of group offices as well as all secondary rooms required. This is ensured  by a grid of 1.2 to 1.5 m in which partition  walls can be put up  along the perimeter  allowing for all possible layouts guaranteeing highly efficient usage of office space.

The double floor in all offices enable flexible location of work places throughout the building. Room depth creates adequate natural light for all office areas.

FUNCTION: business

LOCATION: Hektoroviceva ulica 2, Zagreb

YEAR: 2006.

STATUS: built