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Concept was to design a restaurant which carries the HRC DNA and also reflect the local culture and herritage.

The building itself is situated in (historical) center of Zagreb, Bogovićeva street, near main square and city's bussiest streets. This part of Zagreb was mostly built in the art nuveau period and it strongly reflects the style. The architects were mostly educated in Vienna and they were influenced by Otto Wagner (Majolika house) and his style. In this building we can also see the elements of that style which remained in the ceramic tiles, walls ornaments, plastering, coffered ceilings and the entrance door. We tried to keep the heritage by copying the ornament from the old ceramic tiles to the perforated metal which is placed on the front part of the bar and lit from the back so the pattern is even more emphasized with lihgting. We have it also on the railing on the first floor, on the base of the tables in the central dining area and the motif is repeated literally as the top on the high sitting tables in the bar area. The colors derive partly from HRC and partly are inspired by Zagreb. Zagreb is a green city, hence the green, which is also very elegant,purple is one of the HRC colors andred is one of the characteristic colors for Zagreb and also for Croatia. Some interior details (stage sign and shelves) are made of copper cladding. Copper is very caracteristic for Zagreb , almost evrey significant historical building has a copper roof.

The ceiling (and the instalations) of the ground floor restaurant part, is covered with suspended metal guitars, actually guitar-shaped metal plates with incorporated side lights.. flooring is like a positive-negative to the ceiling in the ground floor. The floor in the restaurant is epoksid with metal wires in the shape of guitars in the central part where we don't have the guitars on the ceiling. The entrance hall is thought to be like a red carpet zone with the crowd cheeringand camera lights flashes, so that the visitor walk like a Rock star into HRC. On the 'photo point'you can make a photo with that crowd graphics in the hall and then buy it in the Rock shop. From the hall you enter the Rock shop which is like a backstage; large mirrors with mounted lamps and chlotes where you can get ready like a Rock star. The floor there is black and white ceramic tiles which evokes the "Crno bijeli svijet" which is a famous song from the New wave period and sort of a symbol of that period of the Croatian punk-rock music, which is like the most famous and important era for Cro music. And then it takes you to the open space of restaurant and stage. Central piece is large chadelier which evokes the old chandeliers that were used in castles, old dancing hall and ball room. It is made of dark strings that create the form and big bulbs in the end so it is luxurious but transparent.

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