Makarska hostel project encompasses existing building reconstruction as well as construction of a brand new building next to the existing one for increased accommodation needs. Reconstructed building consists of the reception, wine bar and refreshed and updated apartments. Terrace (space between the two buildings) becomes conceptual combination of new and old and used as an open community space which can be, due to local climate, used for the most part of the year.

Hostel is located in a densely built center of the town of Makarska. Most of the surrounding buildings were illegally built and legalized afterwards. As a reaction to that, the form of the new building is clean and simple. Design of the building stands out of the surroundings and subtle details such as colored window frames and tiling of terraces make up the dynamic.

Investors main business is wine production so we made the interieur theme reflect that theme with coloring and materials used. Family members are „native Makarans“  so we also used old furniture which has been in the family for generations. Now, new generations are inheriting  the business, so the guiding line for this project was mixing old with new.


FUNCTION: tourism

LOCATION: Makarska

YEAR: 2016./2017.

STATUS: built