Business-warehouse building JUB is located in the newly built part of Samobor planed for businesses. Location is defined by good traffic connectivity and is near the bus terminal.

Investor is a renowned Slovenian international company for paint manufacturing, active since the 19th century.  Over the years they have expanded their product line with facade systems and similar products. The building is designed to reflect the essence and character of the company with a facade that can be interpreted as a showroom of sorts, a colour map. Additionally, dynamic of the facade is achieved by alternating the depth of thermal insulation. Base of the building is made from regularly shaped reinforced concrete elements as sort of counterweight for upper dominant zone.

Functionally, building is consisted of two parts: warehouse and office space which spans over two floors. Warehouse part also has colour mixing facility. Ground floor of office space part has an representative hall for client interaction. It also has education space and a conference hall. Design opens the possibility for expanding the building in second phase when needed.


FUNCTION: business-warehouse


YEAR: 2010.

STATUS: built