House is located in a small cove Grščica on the Island of Korčula. It`s an attractive location right next to the sea which impacted functional organization of the house. Basic concept - maximally  utilizing the high quality view available on the location. In line with Mediterranean tradition basic volume of the house is a simple geometric shape with a pitched roof in characteristic light tone. Dynamics are achieved by subtracting the volume and thus forming open spaces of the apartments highlighted by using different materials.

Per client wishes there are three apartments each on its own level with separate entrances. Vicinity of the neighboring building has impacted the eastern façade of the house making it compact and housing the bedroom area while the house opens up maximally on the west towards the sea. West façade contains big windows, indented to secure a nice shade inside.

Plot is organized in many levels due to the terrain. Pedestrian and car access is on the lowest level on the south east side while the big terrace/sun lounge connected with the pool is on south side and fireplace is on the north.

FUNCTION: residential, tourism

LOCATION: Grščica,  Korčula

YEAR: 2016.

STATUS: in construction