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Volume of the building is the result of combination of complex plot shape and city regulations for that part of Zagreb. Typologically it is a high rise and the slope on the northern façade meets the demand for this building to be half of the height removed from the plot edge. In doing so we have managed to avoid ziggurat-like building which often is the result of this rule in Zagreb.

Monolith feel is avoided with loggias which will be in darker tones for contrast. Northern and southern façade will be ventilated so it can be joined with the slope –ie the roof of the building.

Businesses will be located from the ground floor to third floor while residential apartments will be on other floors. Apartments are all different in shape and size. Building has one underground level where storage area and garages are located. Garages are accessible by car lift due to restricted space.


FUNCTION: business, residential

LOCATION: Nova cesta, Zagreb, Croatia

YEAR: 2017.

STATUS: in proces of acquiring the build permit