Swanky Mint hostel capacity has been expanded with five new rooms into adjacent building on Ilica street nr.50. Project is continuance of the basic building concept which is the revival of old Zagreb. In this instance the theme is the revival of old trades which used to be dominant on Ilica street. So the concept was to turn each new room into an old trade typical of Zagreb.

Hallway has minimalistic details opposed to room interiors which is a reference to Swanky Mint Hostel cold colors on the façade and frivolous decoration inside.

Hallway „shop windows“ are painted without color and details so the space wouldn`t feel confined. Above every door there is a sign with the name of the trade represented and „products“ in „shop windows“ also suggest that, even for the non Croatian speakers.

Each room has themed details of the trade it represents – illustrations, wall papers, etc..

Spirit of Zagreb past is achieved by dimmed coloring, tile dimensions as well as with furniture and lamp selection. Industry styled multifunctional piece of furniture dominates the room and functions as closet, luggage storage, shelf, desk and TV stand.

FUNCTION: tourism, interieur


YEAR: 2016.

STATUS: built